Pen Turning – Second Funline

Gold Funline with Red and White Acrylic
Gold Funline with Red and White Acrylic

Turned my second pen this morning. This time it took me about an hour and a half from start the finish; about half the time of my first. I sharpened my tools before I started and again about half way through. Sharpening made a noticeable improvement in cutting speed. There was also less complaint from the lathe with the sharper tools. While turning the first pen I noticed some vibration or maybe chatter from the blank towards the tailstock side. I’m assuming it was from excessive force while cutting that end. I did not experience the same problem this time.

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Turning my first pen

Completed my first pen.
My first pen

I turned  my first pen. I purchased a variety pack of funline pens and acrylic blanks from Penn State Industries to get started. This is a Funline/Slimline Satin Pearl pen with their Aquabright Purple Crush blank. I took me about three hours from start to finish but allowed me to use some of the tools I’ve purchased over the last two years but hadn’t yet used. I did not take pictures of the process, but I’ll post one of the finished pen. Continue reading “Turning my first pen”