The “Good Enough” Point

I read once that the mark of mastery is knowing when a piece is “good enough”. As an aspiring wood turner I spend excessive time trying to make sure every piece is perfect. But, in order to be commercially viable, as well as retain some sanity, a craftsman has to get to the point where he understands when a product is finished.

The vast majority of consumers will not understand or appreciate the full extent of the craftsmanship that goes into a piece; nor will they see the flaws in their new acquisition. Only the craftsman will recognize his mistakes in the end product. The customer only sees what is, not what was intended or could have been. For artistic works this is especially true. A work is purchased because it spoke to the buyer. It is perfect to that person.

Shop Notes – 20180812

Shop Notes

  • When mixing materials with your resin that have nooks and crannies, such a gold leaf, mix your resin and hardener first. Once the resin is thoroughly mixed then add your leaf. Materials like gold leaf that can fold and make little pockets of unmixed resin will ruin your blank.
  • When making ribbons with Alumilite use a glass plate or sheet of HDPE that will fit in your pressure pot. The trapped bubbles in these thin pours will expand as the resin warms up while curing, leaving you with a pitted surface.

Los Angeles Rams Pen

Completed pen

Farewell gift for Eric

A coworker of mine is leaving for a new opportunity. He’s an exceptional resource and I wish him well with his new position. I wanted to make him a pen as a farewell gift. As an avid sports fan he wanted a pen colored for his favorite team. and when I asked him what colors he’s like he immediately said blue and yellow. he also sent me the following picture of the L.A. Rams uniforms as reference.

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Crochet Hook Set

My mom crochets so I made this crochet hook set for her birthday. The quality of the kit is excellent and the single tube design means it’s easy to turn. As an added bonus a standard 3/4″ x and 5 1/4″ blank can make two handles.

Completed set
Crochet hook set

I phoned my parents to ask for color preference. My mother asked for orange. I decided to go mix a couple shades, from orange extending into a pink/red to round out the warm tones. Continue reading “Crochet Hook Set”